When a mother says she’s fat her children are listening

Dear Mum, I was seven when I discovered that you were fat, ugly and horrible. Up until that point I had believed that you were beautiful – in every sense of the word. I remember flicking through old photo albums and staring at pictures of you standing on the deck of a boat. Your white […]

Introverts be warned, parenting is an increasingly social event

By Christopher Scanlon I took away two main points from the birthing and baby preparation class I attended before the birth of my first daughter — that it was my job to count contractions, and that parenting can be lonely and isolating. Both of them turned out to be wrong. Kasey’s emergency C-section meant my […]

How did children’s party politics get this hard (for parents)?

Kids’ party politics has become so hot that some schools demand every child in the class be invited.

The good news is it’s entirely possible to stop hating your body

To give up the quest for weight loss is to accept that we are stuck with the bodies we have.

The many problems facing Gen X women

Ada Calhoun’s research is meticulous, her interviews poignant and relatable.

Could allowing kids to ‘play guns’ actually reduce interest in it?

Research suggests children who play ‘gun games’ do not grow up to be any more aggressive than others.

How to know if you’re a fabulous dad

If your child says “I need to talk to you, dad. I really need your help,” you’re doing a good job.

The power of calm: Elizabeth Gilbert’s steps for ‘radical’ relaxation

Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert argues that even when we have good reasons to be stressed, we need to make the radical decision to try to relax. She shares her three steps.

Why have we become so difficult to befriend?

Our current rules around social etiquette seem to be more about repelling people than strengthening our human connections.

Helping kids with the transition back to school

“This is not like going back to school after the holidays. They’ve been disconnected from their friends for such a long time.”

Why your kids don’t need to be friends with everybody

The desire to be friends with everyone can force children into a situation where they try to “fit in” rather than “belong”.

How ‘strength-based parenting’ is bringing out the best in kids

“What are your child’s strengths?” my daughter’s teacher asked at our parent-teacher meeting. Speaking to friends afterwards, several told me they were stumped by the question and couldn’t think of anything to say.

I used to hate Christmas until I did this….

I grieved for the Christmas I thought you were supposed to have

Could your marriage pass the loaf of bread test?

Sometimes a loaf is more than just a loaf.