Why no one shops from Aussie stores online

Why no one shops from Aussie stores online thumbnail

With a federal government taskforce established to consider lowering the $1000 GST threshold on imported goods it’s time to let Australian retailers in on a little secret: internet retail is here to stay.

It’s not some passing fad, like yo-yos, pet rocks or perms, that we’ll all soon tire of then be slightly embarrassed to admit we were interested in it at all.

The strategy — if you can call it that — of some of our largest retailers seems to be to frustrate their customers online, in the hope that we’ll all flock back into bricks and mortar stores.

My worst experience recently was trying to shop online for a scooter for my three year old at MYER. I foolishly assumed that one of the oldest and largest department stores in the country would have their stock online.

But if you put ‘scooter’ into the MYER search function, the first result you get is a PDF selling MYER home insurance. The second result is a dead link. And the third result is a Transformer toy. (I subsequently worked out that you have to click on ‘Kids and Toys’ and then search — but there’s nothing to indicate this.) This returned just one model of scooter.

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