Why It’s So Dangerous To Assume That ‘Fit’ Equals ‘Healthy’

Why It's So Dangerous To Assume That 'Fit' Equals 'Healthy' thumbnail

Several of my friends have recently confided that they feel as though their partner is cheating on them. It’s not a work colleague or a clandestine internet affair. Their partner’s new great love is exercise.

My friends wake up to an empty bed after their partner has snuck out for a quickie — a 15k run before work. And if their partner isn’t putting in overtime at the gym in the evenings, they’re moaning on the couch with icepacks on their swelling. Saturdays are spent training and Sunday is wiped out by recovery.

Children’s birthday parties and wedding anniversaries — also known as ‘life’ — are an irritating interruption to their training schedule.

According to former elite marathon runner, Vanessa Alford, exercise addicts are not only jeopardising their relationships; they’re seriously risking their health.


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