Why I don’t want my daughter to be a footy fan

Why I don't want my daughter to be a footy fan thumbnail

To my horror, my six-year-old daughter recently announced that she’d like to watch AFL.

The response from friends has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve been offered second-hand football jerseys and received invitations to join the local Auskick team.

I’ve even been congratulated on my feminist parenting. “I think it’s fantastic that she hasn’t been sucked into thinking footy is just a boys’ game or only interests boys,” said one friend on Facebook.

With the greatest respect to all my football-loving friends — and especially those who used this opportunity to compliment my parenting — football is the ultimate in boys’ games.

And no, I don’t mean that in the obvious sense that it’s played predominantly by men. I mean it in the less flattering sense that it’s the pinnacle of Australia’s glorification of all things male, whether deserved or not.

And from where I’m standing, it’s mostly undeserved.

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