Why I Am Preparing My Daughters To Be Single Women

‘Why does she put up with him*?’

It’s a question we’ve all asked about our friends’ relationships when we’ve heard about or seen their partners behaving badly.

And if I’m being completely honest, looking back on some of my past boyfriends, I wish I’d asked my self the same question.

Some women are trapped in toxic relationships (which is a separate issue entirely), but other women stay in them because they believe that a bad relationship — or even an okay one — is better than being single.

From Cinderella to The Bachelor, girls can’t escape the message that being single is the equivalent of life’s waiting room. This can encourage women to stay in relationships when they probably shouldn’t and tolerate or excuse behaviours that they definitely shouldn’t.

I want my daughters to be empowered to choose to be in a relationship because they want to, not because they think they need to.


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