Why Do Women Overwhelmingly Carry The Stress About Household Finances?

Why Do Women Overwhelmingly Carry The Stress About Household Finances? thumbnail

Think of a deadbeat dad, and you probably imagine an unshaven bro permanently dressed in over-sized basketball gear, even though he’s over 30, whose main achievement in life is having graduated through several versions of Grand Theft Auto.

That’s the stereotype, but there is a middle-class equivalent. He’s the “good guy” with the good income and lives in the nice area. He has kids — even lives with them — but outright refuses to spend “his” money to support them.

A friend who’s been a nanny for almost twenty years has seen her share of middle class deadbeat dads. She’s had numerous hushed conversations with embarrassed “wealthy” women who have no money because their husbands – who they are still married to – won’t contribute financially to the children. “Is this normal?” these women whisper to their babysitter, too ashamed to raise the issues with their friends.

Perhaps the worst case is a woman who has to borrow money from her parents to pay for childcare because her surgeon husband refuses to cough up a cent. He won’t pay for the kids’ clothes, toiletries or toys either.

On the fridge sits a list detailing the personal items that he’s prepared to reimburse his wife for, such has his razors and shaving cream. Everything else for her and their kids has to be paid for with her money. Or her parents’.

In the eyes of this middle-class deadbeat dad, the children are the mother’s responsibility.

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