Why do people still prefer male bosses?

Why do people still prefer male bosses? thumbnail

“I hate working for women,” said a woman I’d just met at a party, after she’d unleashed about her female boss.

Apparently her boss sends her emails at 9pm and expects an immediate response. She’s regularly thrown into situations were she isn’t properly briefed and then is blamed when things go wrong. And her boss berates her in front of her colleagues.

Before I could say, “That sounds like Kevin Rudd,” the other women in the vicinity rushed to agree that male bosses are much better than female ones. I wanted to immediately down the nearest bottle of wine.

My new acquaintance’s charges against her female boss could have just as easily been levelled at a male boss. After all, CEOs (who are predominantly male) are four times more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of the population. But do we use our one or two negative experiences with male bosses to conclude that all male bosses are awful?

As a management consultant I’ve lost count of how many male bosses have emailed me late at night or made unreasonable demands. And as for throwing me in the deep end unprepared, I was once sent (by a male boss) to work as an accountant for a client. I had no prior accountancy experience.

“Fake it until you make it,” the male boss said to me.

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