Why do doctors need to know your marital status for IUDs?

Why do doctors need to know your marital status for IUDs? thumbnail

Last week I made an appointment with my OB/GYN to get a contraceptive IUD inserted.

Yeah, I know that was too much information, but stick with me.

A few days after I made the appointment a patient information form arrived stating that I needed to complete it before my procedure.

The personal information being requested was, among other things, my relationship status.

The form asked if I am: Married, Separated, Single, Divorced, De Facto, Widowed or Same Sex Partner. And while other questions on the form were marked as optional, such as religion, relationship status was not.

What possible reason could there be to ascertain my relationship status before inserting a contraceptive device?

2 thoughts on “Why do doctors need to know your marital status for IUDs?

  1. OMG! Yes. I got a 10 page document for my vasectomy. Not only all about if I am married etc, but if they have found other means of contraception etc. And what effects they had. I just crossed out all the questions and explained in bold letters, I have multiple partners, and not having more babies is my personal choice, not about them. My body my choice – even as a man.

  2. The relationship status question on my patient information form hit me hard too. I have been separated for 18 months after a being in a 15 year long relationship and having two children and I still wonder what if.

    I am trying to move on and have been in a new relationship for 8 months, I also now definitely know that I don’t want to have any more children.

    As a man, the only option I have for taking responsibility for contraception knowing that I don’t want more children is to have a vasectomy. The one thing that I found really surprising in getting the procedure done is that my new partner had to sign the consent form (http://www.westernbreast.com.au/images/vhum_pdfs/vasectomy.pdf).

    “I……………………………………………. the spouse / partner of the above am aware of the proposed procedure and its
    effects, and agree to the operation of Vasectomy being carried out on my husband / partner.”

    To me something feels quite wrong about needing the permission of another person in order to be allowed to take responsibility for my own contraception. If I have made the decision that I don’t want to have any more children, why do I need someone else to agree to it? I had discussed it with my new partner, she doesn’t want any more children either but still thought it unreasonable that I needed her permission for the operation.

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