Why are we still trying to talk women out of epidurals?

Why are we still trying to talk women out of epidurals? thumbnail

According to a report published in BMJ Open, teaching women complementary medicine techniques in birthing classes can significantly reduce epidural use and caesarean sections.

The trial, conducted at Western Sydney University, found that teaching pregnant women acupressure, visualisation and relaxation, breathing, massage, yoga techniques and partner support decreased the epidural rate by 65 per cent and the caesarean rate by 44 per cent.

It’s just like all those programs and the mountain of peer-reviewed research to replace pain medication with visualisation exercises and foot massage during a root canal… wait, what?

Or all that literature encouraging men to breathe through their vasectomies instead of taking the “easy way out” with anaesthetic. Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen either.

In fact, we’re so concerned about preventing men’s pain that they’re even offered a general anaesthetic for a vasectomy if the two-second sting from the snip is too much to bear.


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