Why Are Pregnant Women Always Naked On Magazine Covers?

I’m sure I speak for all the pregnant ladies out there who, nearing my due date, feels like nothing more than stripping all my clothes off and having a photographer take a nude shot for a magazine cover.

No? Actually, now that I think about it, that’s about the last thing I want to do. Instead, I’d like to sit in a pool of water all day to support my weight and find something that will take away the nausea, fatigue, backache, pelvic pain, and anxiety about childbirth, breastfeeding and being responsible for another human.

But the world of glossy magazines, as we all know, is another universe where pregnancy (and pretty much everything else) is concerned. The latest celeb to bare her belly is Megan Gale on the cover of the April issue of marie claire. Megan joins Demi, Britney, Christina, Claudia, Cindy, and Mariah bearing all while heavily pregnant.

And that’s a good thing. Kind of.


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