Who Treats Women More Realistically?

Back off girlfriends, there’s a new bastion of women’s empowerment in town. Behold the UK edition of Esquire magazine.

As part of a panel discussion at the Advertising Europe Conference last week,Esquire‘s UK editor Alex Bilmes told the assembled crowd that when it came to its representation of women, the title was “more ethnically diverse, more shape diverse” than its female counterparts.

And his efforts to ingratiate himself with the sisterhood didn’t end there. “In fashion magazines women are much thinner,” Bilmes continued. “We have older women, not really old, in their 40s.”


His case in point? Cameron Diaz who, at the “is-she-still-alive?” age of 40, adorned the November 2012 edition  legs spread and wearing her undies and suspenders.

Bilmes then told the assembled crowd thatEsquire provides pictures of girls in the same way “they provide pictures of cool cars. It is ornamental. Women’s magazines do the same thing.”


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