When Your Dream Job Becomes A Nightmare

What happens when you’ve achieved everything you knew for sure you always wanted only to discover you didn’t want it at all?

Sam Baker, former editor of Red magazine, found out the hard way when she walked away from the ‘perfect job’ to a life of uncertainty.

Abandoning the daily grind is a fantasy many people entertain, but never get around to turning into a reality. While working for yourself might sound a bit of a lark, it can be harder than you think.

‘I freaked out’, Baker wrote in The Telegraph. ‘I had nowhere to go, nothing to do, I was not important anymore. In short, I was the lifer banging on the prison gates to be let back in.

I know of what she speaks.

Five years ago I traded my career as a management consultant for a life as a writer. It felt self-indulgent and reckless. After all, not everyone has the luxury to walk away from a job they hate, and career fulfilment is surely on the First World Problems list.

I went from a world of meetings and suits where people listened to my opinion to being a nobody writing a book in a cafe.

But while a life without certainty and structure is challenging, staying in a job that crushes your soul, no matter how glamorous and socially acceptable, is no way to live.

If you’re dreaming of ditching your sensible job to follow your passions, here are some tips to help turn that dream into a reality.


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