When mothers are considered no better than graduates

When mothers are considered no better than graduates thumbnail

A prominent parenting magazine is looking for an editorial assistant. According to the job ad posted on Facebook, the position “Would suit a grad, but also a mum looking to return to the workforce”.

Seriously? A mother returning to the workforce — with all her years of work and life experience — is in the same employment category as a graduate?

How is it that having children, and taking some time out of the workforce to care for them, suddenly voids a woman’s entire career history to such an extent that she’s no more valuable than someone fresh out of uni without a single day of experience?

To make matters even worse, the job is full time. The lowly status of the job can’t even be justified on the basis of a mother wishing to take a backwards step professionally so she can spend more time with her kids.

Imagine if the job ad was aimed at men instead of women. “Would suit a graduate or a man in his late 30s with 20 years experience returning to work after a sabbatical.”

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