When dads get praised for taking carer’s leave

When dads get praised for taking carer's leave thumbnail

Last week, both my daughters had chest infections and were unable to go to school and childcare. They’re fine now, thanks for asking. It was a work day for me – I work part-time, my husband works full-time – so Chris took carer’s leave to look after the girls.

Given the praise that was heaped upon him, you’d think I married a saint who had selflessly donated a lung to each of his girls.

His sacrifice was still being discussed days later when we returned to school and childcare. I was met with looks of wonder and envy from other mothers, and even some staff. Some women were shocked that Chris would even consider staying home so that I could work.

People were flabbergasted that a man would think that his wife’s career was just as important as his own.

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One thought on “When dads get praised for taking carer’s leave

  1. Men want to be more involved, but their employers don’t. In my experience, when men want to be more involved with family, they are pushed sideways or if they want to work fewer hours, they are pushed out of the company. This is done by constructive dismissal or annual cullls where companies get rid of “under perfomers”. The Fair Work Australia “Flexible working arrangements” are next to useless and are every easily circumvented.

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