What’s The Difference Between A Cook And A Chef?

Sometimes it takes a six year old to remind you of the inherent status that comes with having a penis.

For example, a friend’s daughter is doing a ballet concert where all the girls are cooks and the two boys in the class are chefs. I asked her six-year-old girl to explain the difference between chefs and cooks. “Chefs cook nicer food,” she replied.

In grade one, this little girl has reached the firm conclusion that chefs are boys, and that, by definition, they possess superior skills in the area of food preparation to the cooks who are girls.

But maybe my little friend has simply misunderstood. Perhaps, she’s been brainwashed by her mother’s feminist friends to create a gender distinction where there isn’t one at all.

Not clear on the distinction myself, I headed to the food and beverage industry publication eatdrink.com.au, which says that the difference between chefs and cooks has nothing to do with meat and potatoes and everything to do with qualifications and hard work.

“Cooks are not Chefs!”, proclaims the online resource for food & beverage industry professionals, “To qualify, earn and deserve the title of ‘Chef’ you need to have completed a full 4 year apprenticeship as a fulltime employee and also to complete 3 years of  TAFE 1 day a week. It costs money; it involves many hours work including nights, split shifts, double shifts and weekends. It’s hot and sticky, it’s stressful and tiring.”


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