Verona Shames Women With Feminine Hygiene Ad Campaign

Verona Shames Women With Feminine Hygiene Ad Campaign thumbnail

Ever wondered what happened to that revolting kid in primary school who used to sniff girls’ chairs and tell them that they smell?

Wonder no more. Now there’s a whole company of grown-ups making a nice little earner out of the childish obsession with female hygiene. And their latest product launch is called ‘Confidence’ by Verona.

Mind you, this is not just any feminine hygiene product. It’s a scientifically formulated wash for your ‘intimate areas’, and judging by the advertising campaign, you’d think it’s the missing ingredient in female liberation.

The banner graphic on the Verona Facebook timeline is full of smiley women giving the two-finger ‘V’ for victory salute, as if the heroic task of disguising the natural scent of women’s bodies is right up there with the liberation of Western Europe.


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