The Problem With My Big Fat Revenge

Reality TV producers are grown in vats in a parallel dimension where concepts like ‘taste’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘decency’ are unfamiliar. This much we know.

But even with this understanding, there are some reality TV concepts that still have the power to make our skin crawl.

Enter My Big Fat Revenge.

The concept — and I use that term loosely — for this baked turd of a TV show is ‘Each week, after amazing body transformations, two formerly overweight girls revisit the people who disrespected them the most and stand up for not only themselves but for the fat girl in all of us.’

Yes, you read that right. Fat women lose weight and then get revenge on the people who taunted them for being fat — all in front to the cameras. You’ll note that they are only permitted to ‘stand up for the fat girl in all of us,’ after they have lost weight and are no longer fat girls at all.


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