The Pitfalls Of Parenting A Highly Successful Child

The Pitfalls Of Parenting A Highly Successful Child thumbnail

It’s one of the most bittersweet parts of parenthood: if we do our job well, we’ll largely become redundant.

Just how difficult it can be to let adult children live their own lives — especially lives we wouldn’t choose for them — has been laid bare in recent weeks by the parents of two high-profile Australians.

The parents of Miranda Kerr and Grant Hackett’s father have both aired their grievances about their children’s choices and behaviour in the national and international media recently.

Miranda Kerr’s parents Therese and John Kerr used an ABC documentary Family Confidential Episode 2 to express disapproval of their supermodel daughter’s choice of career, former husband [Orlando Bloom], and her parenting, along with their dismay that their now 30-year-old daughter has become more assertive and distant.


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