The one parenting tactic to avoid at all cost

The one parenting tactic to avoid at all cost thumbnail

Shame, it seems, has become the parenting strategy of choice when all else fails.

Take the recent case of 13-year-old Izabel Laxamana who committed suicide after her father cut off her hair because she disobeyed him by using social media.

‘Was it worth it?’ her father reportedly asks while videoing her abasement.

‘No’, Izabel replies.

‘How many times did I warn you?’ he asks.

‘A lot.’

The Washington teenager uploaded the video to YouTube and then wrote several letters, telling her father that she loved him and that she ‘did not want to take the family name down with her’ before ending her own life.

Izabel Laxamana is only the most recent — and tragic — case of parenting through public humiliation.

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