The Obsession With ‘Good Girls Turned Bad’ Sex Tips

The Obsession With 'Good Girls Turned Bad' Sex Tips thumbnail

Men’s Heath, with the help of Yahoo!7, is calling upon its readers to ‘stand up for your rights, man!’

In an article titled 15 Ways To Turn a Good Girl Bad, the magazine laments that ‘female emancipation’ — such as voting and equal pay — has caused a ‘princess-and-the-pea syndrome.’

Women now have the audacity to expect orgasms with the result being that ‘The pea’s demands will eclipse those of your penis.’

Back in the good old days when men were men and women were property, sexual pleasure was something that a woman gave to a man and chicks didn’t have the over-inflated sense of entitlement to expect it for themselves.

But don’t worry, Men’s Health is helping to rectify the situation by enlisting ‘Six sexperts…to make her great in bed (without her even noticing).’

Conveniently overlooking the messy grey area between ‘without her even noticing’ and consent, men are advised to school their princesses in handjob techniques. ‘Be firm and keep going until you’re done so that she can replicate the experience next time.’


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