The Eight Stages Of Early Parenthood

The Eight Stages Of Early Parenthood thumbnail

Having a baby is supposed to be one of life’s most wonderous events. But for the one in seven new mothers and one in 10 new fathers who experience postnatal depression, it can be the beginning of one of the most painful stages of their lives.

After observing couples’ journeys into parenthood for over 15 years, Daily Life’s counsellor Elly Taylor says that people are simply unprepared for how a baby will change them as individuals and as a couple, which can lead to postnatal anxiety and depression.

‘We have Hollywood expectations about what parenthood is going to be like,’ says Taylor who is the author of Becoming Us. ‘Most parents experience the reality of parenthood very differently. They think there is something wrong with them and this causes conflict in their relationship and they end up struggling.’


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