Stop Worrying About Falling Off The ‘Diet Wagon’

If you started the year with the resolve to lose weight, then right about now your good intentions are most likely a distant, unwelcome memory.

And good on you! Because diets are bad for you.

But don’t just take my word for it.

“Almost everyone who goes on a weight loss diet puts the weight back on sooner rather than later,” says author of If Not Dieting, Then What? Dr Rick Kausman.

“One-third to two-thirds of people end up heavier than before they started the diet. Weight loss dieting is also the commonest pathway towards developing an eating disorder,” says Dr Kausman who is also a director of the Butterfly Foundation and has 25 years experience running a weight management and eating behaviour clinic.

Instead of embarking on another year of dieting deprivation and inevitable failure Dr Kausman prescribes an alternative solution.


1. Don’t blame yourself for past dieting failures

Diets are marketed as a quick-fix solution not just for losing weight but also for solving all of our life’s problems.

“It’s incredibly seductive and I don’t blame anyone for getting on the diet wagon”, says Dr Kausman. “But you are not to blame for all these years of dieting and failing when it is the process of dieting itself that has failed you.”

“The first thing is to get people to start being a bit more gentle and kind to themselves.”


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