Stop Calling Dads Incompetent

“Men aren’t capable of caring for children the way we are,” a colleague confided to me when I was pregnant. “It’s just not in their nature. I wouldn’t trust a man to look after my baby.”

If this were true, then the male human, despite all his evolutionary advantages, is less advanced than your average king penguin when it comes to parenting. Daddy penguin shares responsibility with the mother for looking after the egg, often incubating it for days on end by balancing it on his feet, while mum goes off to be the fishy breadwinner.

My colleague isn’t the only one who thinks that men are less capable of childcare than sub-Antarctic birds.

Playskool, the maker of Mr Potato Head and Sesame Street toys, recently perpetuated the fathers-are-crap-at-parenting myth by tweeting: “Does Dad ever have a day where he’s in charge?”


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