Stop Blaming Women For Not Pushing For Pay Rises

Stop Blaming Women For Not Pushing For Pay Rises thumbnail

Ladies, are you paid less than your male colleagues? Are you constantly overlooked for promotion even though you have more qualifications than your CV can fit?

Well guess what? You only have yourselves to blame.

That’s the message from some of the speakers at yesterday’s Male Champions of Change Program event. The Program enlists the top men in business — male CEOs and Chairpersons — to address gender inequality in the workplace.

As Goldman Sachs Australia chief Simon Rothery told the assembled, women tend to be much more modest and less aggressive around pay issues.

“We have just been through bonus season and there is a line out my office for the month before telling me what a great job they have done this year and it is 100 per cent male.”

And ANZ chief executive Mike Smith said that, ‘Men bulls–t their way through things but women tend to be very honest about their experiences.’

You hear that, ladies? The gaping pay gap, the appalling representation of women on boards, the discrimination pregnant women and mothers face: it’s all our fault. If only we’d thought to ask for that raise, talked more bulls–t in meetings and thumped the boardroom table a little more aggressively.


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