Stay-at-home dad tries, fails to crowdfund a salary

Imagine launching a crowdfunding campaign to ask strangers to pay you an income for parenting.

You can’t? Me either.

Most stay-at-home mothers may lament that their work is unpaid and undervalued, but they wouldn’t for a moment suppose that their plight would motivate people to open their hearts or their wallets.

Big request ... Adam Dolgin on his gofundme page.Big request … Adam Dolgin on his gofundme page.

But US father Adam Dolgin felt a little more entitled than your average stay-at-home parent, recently offering his services to the crowdfunders of the interwebs as a stay-at-home dad and daddy blogger at

For the not-so-small fee of US$50,000, Dolgin would stay at home for a year and gift us all with his wit and wisdom about the experience.

As Dolgin’s page on explains, the aim of the venture is to challenge media images of fathers as “bubbling buffoons” [sic].

He went on: “I’d like to leave the corporate world behind for a year to take on the role of stay-at-home parent with my kids, and prove once and for all that anything moms can do DADS can do equally.


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