Spanx wants you all to know it is now ‘feminist’

Spanx wants you all to know it is now 'feminist' thumbnail

The bubbly was flowing freely at International Feminist HQ last week, as Spanx — manufacturer of shapewear — formally announced that it’s joining the feminist struggle.

No longer are they focused on selling gut-wrenching products to sculpt and shrink our thick waists and thunder thighs. No Ma’am. They’ve seen the light and have now shifted their attention to less restrictive products that smooth out our bumps and curves instead.

“[T]he whole world’s changed,” Spanx’s new chief executive Jan Singer said in a New York Times article about the company’s efforts to rebrand its products with ‘feminist inspiration’. “Now women think: ‘I don’t need to change my shape so much. I just want to be comfortable’.”

But that’s not all.

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