Republicans are finally denouncing Donald Trump. Here’s why that’s still depressing

Republicans are finally denouncing Donald Trump. Here's why that's still depressing thumbnail

The most shocking thing about the recording of US Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump boasting about infidelity and his ability to grab women “by the p—y” because he’s famous, is that it took something so graphic and unspinnable for senior establishment Republicans to withdraw support for Trump.

After all, Trump hasn’t been one to hide his misogyny under a bushel. It’s been central to his brand and straight-talking, testosterone-driven campaign. He is so prolific at degrading and insulting women that linking to even a fraction of his examples of sexism would bring down the internet.

He’s a serial womaniser, who has even sexually objectified his own baby daughter, and is fine with a radio shock jock describing his adult daughter as a “piece of ass”. And he’s facing a child rape lawsuit.

But only now, after the release of a decade-old video, are the supposed family-values crowd starting to think that this guy isn’t Commander in Chief material.

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