Portuguese cover for 30-Something and Over It

The Portuguese version of 30-Something and Over It will be published in August. I’ve just received this graphic of the cover. I love it. The picture of the business people at the top captures the essence of what it’s like to be ‘over it’ or to be having a thrisis. Are you perverse and ungrateful or are you the only sane person in the asylum? Whatever the case, you can’t help but feel alone.

2 thoughts on “Portuguese cover for 30-Something and Over It

  1. Hello

    I bought your book an hour ago, impulsively, in my lunch hour. It has been a really hard boring long 2 years. I am also 30 something and not giving a shit about anything. Hope to laugh and learn from your experience.

    Best wishes

    Ana, 32

  2. I bought your book yesterday and let me tell you something very honestly: the title of your book just about sums my current state of mind and of self. I did loose mny “give-a-shit” about a year ago and I still couldn’t find it.
    Let’s see if I can at least find a glimps of it by reading your book!
    I love learning and I hope to learn something by reading your book, even if it is just a few good laughs!
    And yes, the book cover is absolutelly delicious!

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