OMG! That’s Not My…

My two adult picture books OMG! THAT’S NOT MY HUSBAND and OMG! THAT’S NOT MY CHILD are now available.

It started out as a joke between Chris and me one night as we lay on the couch, exhausted from all the sleepless nights and stressed-out days from looking after our new daughter Violet. I can’t believe that they have turned into real life books!

My books are parodies of the famous Usborne ‘That’s Not My’ children’s books which most parents with young kids will have read hundreds of times. They are a humorous look at common issues new mothers face, such as the inequality of domestic work and childcare and the embarrassment we can feel when our children behave like, well, children.

I was so excited to discover a YouTube clip of someone reading OMG! THAT’S NOT MY HUSBAND. The thrill of seeing my books in print hasn’t worn off.


4 thoughts on “OMG! That’s Not My…

  1. Hello I really want a copy of your that’s not my husband book but can’t get a copy all sold out. Can you tell me how to get a copy

  2. Amazing and funny! I would love to have a copy of both these books too, where are they available please? Thanks x

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