Now We’re Fat-Shaming Children

It’s been a bad week for picking on kids — especially overweight ones.

First came a repulsive fat-shaming video on Slate called Dear Prudence: A girl with an endless appetite. In response to a letter from a “concerned” mother about the eating habits of her daughter’s friend, agony aunt Prudie thought it would be helpful — funny even — to portray the little girl in question as a pig and her parents as tubs of lard.

Next came news out of the US of children being given homework assignments in which they were to circle the fat people in a picture. Another school weighs its students and has them taking letters home to parents with their BMI score — a practice advocated by somein Australia.

The crowning glory of kiddy fat shaming, though, was a Biggest Loser paid advertorial on Mamamia, where Jo Abi advocates putting kids on diets.

And let’s not have any guff about The Biggest Loser being “inspirational” or about health. It exists for one thing, and one thing only: to increase network ratings, often at the expense of the contestants’ health.


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