Not ‘getting it’ is no longer an excuse for sexism

Not 'getting it' is no longer an excuse for sexism thumbnail

At a recent school sports carnival the teacher in charge selected only fathers to do the time keeping. When a mother brought this is his attention he seemed genuinely shocked, as if it was just a coincidence.

The next day when there weren’t enough fathers present for time-keeping duties, the teacher permitted mothers to time keep but he asked the few fathers on hand to double-check the mothers’ results.

The reason? Apparently he was concerned that the mothers might fudge their own child’s results. He had no such qualms about the fathers’ abilities to objectively judge their own children.

Some mothers pointed out the obvious sexism at the assumption that men are trustworthy and objective, while women are so mired in their own subjective emotional states that they require the kind of supervision usually reserved for children.

But other people felt the need to excuse the teacher’s behaviour. “He didn’t mean to cause offense; he just doesn’t get it,”¬†was a common refrain.

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