No, this is not a good opportunity to talk about ‘reverse sexism’

No, this is not a good opportunity to talk about 'reverse sexism' thumbnail

Rise up poor downtrodden men who have long suffered under the totalitarian regime of feminism! The day to claim your inalienable right to perv at chicks without being judged is at hand!

You now have the slam-dunk, silver-bullet, rolled-gold argument of arguments to justify your ogling: WOMEN DO IT TOO! And now there is video evidence to prove it.

I refer, of course, to the unnamed woman in a blue shirt looking at UFC fighters during their weigh-in in Las Vegas in December last year.

When the video went viral over the past couple of days, cries of ‘double standards’, ‘reverse sexism’, and ‘poor me’ echoed around the internet as angry men took to YouTube and the comments sections of websites to vent about the woman’s perving.

Such claims are ridiculous. Here’s why.

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One thought on “No, this is not a good opportunity to talk about ‘reverse sexism’

  1. Let her look!

    Not sure what the deal is with the guys calling reverse sexism? I guess they must be feeling a bit defensive.

    I suppose it might be because women are everywhere you look. Take the magazine stand for example, have a glance across all the major magazines and have a look at how many men you see on the cover (apart from the body building mag), for the most part there are none (ok, maybe one or two).

    Women are everywhere! and they are dressed to look sexy and amazing to sell us more products, which works great, as it hits the lizard brain encoded instincts that men have.

    and yet when men buy products of this nature, we tend to get scrutinized by female peers, mothers, girlfriends and wives, in a rather negative, guilt laden fashion. So when this hyper defensive, reverse sexism call takes place, it’s usually guilt ridden guys getting on their soap box and saying ‘Busted’, you look too.

    And of course it isn’t an example of reverse sexism – there’s just no such thing! There is only sexism (for either men or women) and this isn’t an example of it. This is a girl who has permission to look and is enjoying doing so, what is wrong with that exactly?

    But what would be nice to see, is the guys not getting such a hard time from the girls when they have permission to look also. Sure there are many guys who do look creepy or get the whole context thing wrong, but when they do get it right, stop giving the guilt trips please.

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