No One Needs To Worry About ‘Pregnancy Abs’

No One Needs To Worry About 'Pregnancy Abs' thumbnail

As any self-respecting pregnant woman knows, pregnancy is not an excuse to let yourself go and look, well, you know, pregnant. But it’s no longer enough to just not gain weight. Mums-to-be now must also be as cut as a serpent’s tooth.

Allow me to present to you… pregnancy abs.

The ‘pregnancy abs’ thing began after 30-year-old lingerie model Sarah Stage started posting belfies- pregnant belly selfies- at roughly the same frequency as pregnant women need to pee.

Stage’s 1.2 million Instagram followers soon began following her pregnancy (and her six-pack) as closely as her obstetrician.

Initially her followers were full of praise and admiration for her tiny bump and visible abs. Some wished they looked like her when they were pregnant. Others wished they looked like Stage even when they’re not pregnant.

“I look like this right now after eating a bowl of soup,” wrote one follower of the model’s barely-there belly. Even US Cosmopolitan appeared to be in awe, declaring: “Sarah Stage is so pregnant and so hot right now”.


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