New York Plastic Surgeon Wants To Give You ‘Vacation Breasts’

New York Plastic Surgeon Wants To Give You 'Vacation Breasts' thumbnail

After years of waiting, pleading and demanding, science has delivered fake boobs targeted specifically at women who have commitment issues.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Norman Rowe has developed ‘insta-breasts’ – a procedure where he injects a saline solution — and another mystery ingredient he won’t disclose for commercial reasons — into women’s breasts.

This increases his patients’ boobs by one to one-and-a-half cup sizes for about 24 hours.

And then, where does the saline (plus mystery ingredient) go when your boobs have assumed their original proportions? It’s absorbed right back into your body. We hope.

It’s a bit like a one-night stand boob job. By the time brunch rolls around, things have started to deflate and the special glow — possibly induced by the mystery ingredient — has started to wear off.

Costing between USD2500 and USD3500, the procedure works out at about 125 bucks per hour.

Even Dr Rowe can see that this may not be enough boob for buck. ‘Twenty four hours is great, but it’s still just 24 hours,’ he told ABC News.

He’s now working on developing a temporary breast enlargement procedure that will last for two to three weeks. The medical details still need to be nutted through, not to mention that whole pesky US Food and Drug Administration approval thing, but — and far more importantly — he’s nailed the marketing. He’s going to call them ‘Vacation Breasts’.


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