Naomi Wolf gagged by Apple

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On the same day as Apple’s iPhone 5 was released, it seems the technology giant managed to out-PR itself with breaking news that its iTunes bookstore has censored the title of Naomi Wolf’s recent book Vagina: A New Biography. The word appears in the online bookstore as V****a.

I am loathe to rehash the old debate as to why we are not supposed to use the V word. My neck is still sore from all the head shaking bewilderment following the recent furore over the Carefree commercial. The advertising watchdog received a flurry of complaints back in July after the tampon and pad company dared to refer to the vagina as a vagina.

In what at the time seemed like a comedy sketch, the NSW president of Family First, Jason Cornelius said, ‘I understand it can be used in medical discussions but it’s not appropriate in an ad when young ears are listening’.

It was unclear why young ears needed to be protected from the term ‘vagina’, especially since 50 per cent of the owners of said ears possess one. But there’s nothing particularly shocking about the regressive attitudes of the folk at Family First. What is more remarkable is how the hip, funky, youthful, boundary-pushing technology monolith has turned into my nana.

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