Motherhood should give us more confidence at work, not less

Motherhood should give us more confidence at work, not less thumbnail

Motherhood requires sacrifice. Our time is not our own. Our identities get erased and re-written, sometimes on a weekly basis. And you may have to kiss goodbye to a normal-functioning pelvic floor.

But there was one sacrifice I wasn’t ready for with motherhood: the ability to navigate the QANTAS check-in.

The first time I caught a flight on my own after I’d become a mother, I was on the verge of having a panic attack.

This was a genuinely new reaction; I used to travel on my own through busy airports in China and not-so-touristy destinations such as Lithuania for work.

But after spending nine months at home doing little else than changing nappies, trying to breastfeed and reading ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’, an airline check-in process almost tipped me over the edge.

Of course, the check-in process wasn’t really the issue. The problem was that all those months out of the workforce had hammered my confidence.

It turns out this is not uncommon. According to a recent study conducted by skills recognition specialist Get Qualified Australia, over two-thirds of mothers suffer a hit to their confidence at the prospect of returning to paid work.

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