Meet The Mpregs: Male Pregnancy Enthusiasts

Meet The Mpregs: Male Pregnancy Enthusiasts thumbnail

They’re all f-ing nutters’, declares the guy next to me in my pilates class.

I’ve just told him about Mpreggers, a (mostly) male subculture that fantasises about men being pregnant.

There are thousands of men in the Mpreg community who share images, videos and roleplay fantasies about male pregnancy. And the very mention of it is so repulsive to some people that it can produce the visceral response of my pilates mate.

‘[Al]most everyone will think it’s weird. It is weird. It’s unnatural. Men can’t have babies — that’s something only women can do!’ says Mpreg Central administrator Lyric on Jezebel. ‘But our community is full of like-minded people who wish otherwise.’

What is it that is so offensive about men sticking balls up their shirts and using water balloons for breasts to simulate pregnancies? Isn’t photoshoping bumps on themselves and everyone from President Obama to One Direction’s Harry Stiles just harmless fun?

In some ways, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s understandable, natural even, for men to ponder and fantasise about the wonders of procreation — even if the fantasy of giving birth through an anus or penis is enough to make anyone’s toes curl.


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