Meet The ‘DUFF’, The Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Meet The 'DUFF', The Designated Ugly Fat Friend thumbnail

Meet the DUFF, also known as the Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

It’s a new term for an old idea. When I was growing up she was known as the ‘last resort’ or ‘the one who should feel grateful’ – grateful if a guy bypassed her prettier friends (however ‘pretty’ is defined) to extend her the charity of his attention.

To creepy pick-up artists, she’s the gatekeeper – the bodyguard who must be out-manoeuvred in order to score with her hotter friend.

'The DUFF', written by then 17-year-old author Kody Keplinger.‘The DUFF’, written by then 17-year-old author Kody Keplinger.

The DUFF’s role in a friendship group is to make everyone else feel more attractive in comparison.

At 17, self-identified DUFF Kody Keplinger penned a novel with the title The DUFF after a guy asked who was the DUFF in her group at school.

While the book’s staggering success – over a hundred thousand copies sold and a film that opened in US cinemas last weekend – is a triumph for this young author, it’s a depressing indication of just how many girls relate to feeling this way.

“When I first heard [the term DUFF] I thought, ‘That’s hilarious and super clever,'” Keplinger told the New York Post. “Then, I thought – ‘Wait, that’s super mean.’ And then: ‘Oh crap, that’s me! I am the DUFF of my group!'”


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