Let’s not kid ourselves that there’s anything romantic about housework

Let's not kid ourselves that there's anything romantic about housework thumbnail

It’s seems feminism has got it wrong. Again.

While we’ve been banging on about education, earning our own money and fighting for equality in the workplace, it turns out the real power and soul satisfaction comes from doing unpaid, undervalued, monotonous, and laborious domestic work.

Silly us.

“[People] see the domestic space as one area of women’s power,” Professor Maggie Andrews, cultural historian from the University of Worchester, recently said at the Hay Literary Festival in Wales.

“Certain elements of the domestic have become much sexier, much more popular, an escape from the horrors of society.”

Of course, Professor Andrews has evidence to back up her claims about the joys and benefits of housework. She cites the popularity of TV shows such as Great British Bake Off and female celebrity chefs such as Rachel Khoo.

Well, that settles it. Our desire to watch someone whip up a raspberry millefeuille on a reality TV show is proof that all women really want is to go back to the 1950s.

But I can’t help but notice that Maggie Andrews is a professor who works at a university. And her public profile is significant enough that she’s invited to speak at one of the world’s great literary festivals.

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