Is Exercise The New Humblebrag?

Being a workaholic isn’t cool anymore.

Once upon a time overachievers would casually, on purpose, drop into water cooler conversations how late they worked. If they were playing for bonus points they’d tell you how they’ve been so busy they haven’t seen their kids for a week. And if they were going all-out, they’d let slip they’d missed their partner’s birthday/anniversary/divorce proceedings.

But now the tables have turned. While many employers still expect, and even cultivate, a culture of overwork, it’s no longer acceptable for their employees to admit to it. Working all weekend now makes you appear hopelessly disorganised, just plain ineffective or a bit of a loser with nothing better to do.

This has forced overachievers to find another way of separating themselves from the pack. Over-exercising has become the new blag.

Instead of leaving Sunday brunch early because they have to go into the office, people are arriving late because they’d ‘die’ if they missed their morning 10k run. What used to be a mundane part of our lives has become the source of constant conversation, comparison and one-upmanship.


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