In defence of mummy cards

When the concept of ‘mummy business cards’ hit the media last week, they —and the mothers who use them — were universally mocked.

The cards were presented as yet another example of middle class mother control freakery.

And it wasn’t just the usual suspects who were pointing and laughing at mothers with the temerity to carry small rectangles of cardboard printed with their personal details.

Business cards are a brilliant tool for building and maintaining relationships.A brilliant tool for building and maintaining relationships.Photo: Hello Little One/

Writing on Daily Life Letitia Rowlands said ‘Mummy cards go hand-in-hand with “play date cards”, which helpfully list where and when your offspring are available to play with other children. Seriously.’

The Project’s, all-women Mother’s Day episode panel couldn’t resist taking a swipe. Nicole Livingstone asked, ‘Who’d want to catch up for a play date with somebody that gives you a card?’ Amanda Keller quipped she’d rather bite down on a cyanide pill.

Now, I don’t have mummy business cards of my own, but they’re a great idea.

Take a break from the guffawing and ask how many of the women criticising ‘mummy cards’ and the women who have them, have business cards of their own? And how many are in possession of a large stack they’ve gathered from other people?

And why — pray tell — do we hang on to these little pieces of cardboard? Because — to state the bleeding obvious since it evidently needs stating — business cards are a brilliant tool for building and maintaining relationships.


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