I’m Not The Person My Husband Married

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I’m not the person my husband married. And I don’t want to be.

In the six years since we tied the knot, I’ve changed. And so has my husband. And we’re both completely fine with that.

Not everyone shares this view of marriage. When Huffington Post writer Traci Bild realised she had changed since she married her husband 20 years earlier, she felt ashamed and considered it a failing as a wife.

After finding a box of love letters she’d written to her husband years earlier she felt sorry for him because she was no longer the sexy, fun, romantic twenty-something woman she once was.

‘Reading the letters, I saw the loss of my girl, the one he fell in love with andmarried,’ she wrote.

‘Traci Shafer was encouraging, always laughing, dancing, singing and saw beauty in everything around her. Traci Bild, well… let’s just say she had a lot on her plate.’

And like many women, Bild does indeed have a lot of responsibilities. She has two children, runs her own business and appears to run and manage the house as well. She’s also now in her forties.

It’s little wonder she stopped writing love letters to her husband and sealing them with a kiss.


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