I miss being sexually attractive

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Working in my 20s and early 30s, I was occasionally called upon to play the role of professional eye candy.

In order to win clients in management consulting, my firm would add a twenty-something woman to the job. Sure, I was knowledgeable about the area, but my appearance was part of the reason I was put on the project team.

But when it came to ensuring credibility for the team, that was a job for a grey head. Putting together project teams, we would often joke about how we needed to “wheel in some grey hair”.

Inevitably, the owner of the grey hair needed to be in possession of a penis, even if – as was often the case – his understanding of the client or experience in that particular field was negligible.

And it worked. Some clients even made it clear that’s why they wanted to work with me. For example, after my work and photo was profiled in an industry publication, a potential client phoned my account manager and said he’d like me to work for him because I was cute.

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