I Hated Breast Feeding

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Pregnancy and motherhood are full of secrets and lies. There’s that one about how childbirth feels like an orgasm. And that one that if you exercise your pelvic floor twice daily, then you won’t pee yourself in Coles.

And then there’s breastfeeding, which for me at least, was the biggest lie of all.

You hear the constant refrain that ‘Breast is Best’, that breastfeeding makes you magically drop those extra kilos, and that it’s what nature intended.

You see pictures of women blissed out of their minds with happy hormones while feeding their beautifully contented child.

Then there’s the convenience of being able to whip out a boob and provide your child with the optimum mix of nutrients, a small halo made up of the words ‘GOOD MOTHER’ glowing softly above your head, knowing that you’re giving your child ‘the best start in life’.

And then there’s reality.

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