How to spot a liar online

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Tall, dark, rugged, blue-eyed, athletic, house-trained Tantric practitioner, loves pets and wants children, seeks woman comfortable in her own skin for intimate conversations over coffee and Ryan Gosling films’.

Sound too good to be true?

When it comes to internet dating, 86 per cent of people say that the profiles are littered with lies. After all, on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog, right?

Online daters prepare themselves to be underwhelmed. We expect the guy who looked and sounded like Brad Pitt online to rock up at the first date looking more like Danny DeVito. His wedding ring is stashed in his pocket and his phone is switched to silent lest his efforts to mansplain ‘Where Feminism Goes Wrong’ be disturbed by calls from his two former wives’ lawyers hassling him about unpaid child support.

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