How To IVF-Proof Your Marriage

IVF takes its toll on your body, your emotional state and your hip pocket. Your marriage is also likely to take a battering in the process.

Within my friendship circle I know of two relationships that didn’t survive the anxiety, disappointments and mood swings that come with IVF. Even years later many of the women I spoke with were unable to discuss the effect of IVF on their relationships without anger and tears.

So large is the toll that IVF takes on relationships that writer Amy Klein recently wondered if it would be easier to ride the infertility roller-coaster without a partner. Writing in the New York Times, Klein reasoned that at least she could wallow in her sorrows without having to worry about how her emotions were affecting her husband.

“I looked at him and realised it’s not only about me. I am not alone. And even though sometimes I wish I could be like [a friend doing IVF alone] and drown in my sorrows, I am now responsible for…our marriage.”

Based on the collective experience of my IVF buddies and me, here are some tips on how to reduce the collateral damage to your relationship during your IVF journey.


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