How to fake a weight loss ‘transformation’

Chris's incredible transformation.

It’s no secret that the weight loss and beauty industries are addicted to using Photoshopped fakery to sell their products.

Exposés such as the Body Evolution video, which recently went viral, show how easily Jane Average can be turned into Jane Amazon with nothing more than some expert mouse clicks.

Perhaps this is why before and after images — particular the grainy, homemade ones, featuring real people —seem to offer authentic stories of transformation. The transformations are often so dramatic that even the most skeptical among us can be fooled into believing that the results were achieved by a 12 week exercise and diet program.

No pain, no, er, gain.

But the PsychGuides’ Weight Loss Fakers project reveals that seemingly real before and after shots can be as easily manufactured as the Photoshopped images.

The project, which catalogues a series of before and after pictures, shows how you can engineer your very own body transformation without the hassles of the AbFlex King or sipping on a goji-berry diet smoothie created with your Nutri-Ninja Blender.

A radical body transformation that you’d think would take buckets of sweat and weeks of deprivation can be achieved with very little effort and in a matter of hours. It’s as simple as a bit of a wax, a fake tan and some photographic coaching.

Intrigued, last weekend I decided to undertake my own Weight Loss Fakers project using my trusty guinea pig— also known as my husband Chris.


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  1. I love this, and I loved the post about the letter to mom and the impact her body image had on her daughter. I sent it to a few of my close female friends, and to a one they were incredibly moved. Our culture forces us to hate our bodies so we can be sold “fixes.” It is so messed up. Thanks for the fresh insights.

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