How do women end up doing more work in a share house?

How do women end up doing more work in a share house? thumbnail

We all know about the risks of STDs, but a new study published last week in the Journal of Sociology revealed the little known condition called ‘STDW’: Sexually Transmitted Domestic Work.

Not all women are at risk of STDW. Straight women who live with their male partners are the largest cohort who are exposed to STDW. The study found that young women who live with an intimate male partner do an average of 125 minutes of domestic work per day, while women who live with a flat mate only do 78 minutes per day.

This means that sleeping with a male person you’re also living with adds an extra 47 minutes of domestic work to your life every day. That’s over five hours a week!

Sex-induced domestic work affects women’s lives more than men’s. Men who live in group houses do 63 minutes of domestic work per day compared with 74 minutes when living with a female partner — an increase of 11 minutes per day.

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2 thoughts on “How do women end up doing more work in a share house?

  1. I don’t want to be in charge of cleaning the house, but I long ago realized that even when my husband says he has cleaned…well, let’s just say we have very different standards of clean. Therefore, to feel good about the space we share, I feel compelled to be the housemaid.

  2. After 10 years I still do more. We do our separate washing and cooking but things like bathroom or changing bed sheets is something he doesn’t do. Or does once a year. Once he told me when I pushed that bed sheets need to be changed once a year!!!! That’s when we started sleeping in separate rooms. My solution is to never give up and get used to the mess. I’ve seen it with friends who have few kids and jobs, they don’t notice it. I keep my room clean and clean the kitchen bench only when I need it. Getting a robot vacuum cleaner helped as well. My advice is not to do all the cleaning yourself it’s better to fight over it. If a woman does all by herself she’s tired and it breeds resentment. Not to mention less time for other things (-:

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