How Chocolate Makes You Smarter

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The Clever Country. The Education Revolution. Australia in the Asian Century.

Over the years, Australians have tried hard to increase our national IQ. But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, there’s still a ways to go before we can call ourselves a nation of Einsteins.

The problem is that none of these attempts has ever focused on the things that really matter. If we’re going to get serious about turning ourselves into boffins, then we’re going to have to make real sacrifices and start eating more chocolate. A lot more chocolate.

No really, I’ve researched this whole chocolate eating = brain box thing. And by ‘researched’ I don’t mean I clicked on the ‘Learn about chocolate’ section of the Lindt website.

Instead, my research is pulled from none other than The New England Journal of Medicine. The October issue of which contains a paper written by Franz H. Messerli M.D. on the relationship between the per capita number of Nobel Laureates that a country has produced and its level of chocolate consumption.

Before you say ‘Who comes up with this stuff and what are they on?’, there is a method to Messerli’s madness and it all has to do with a substance called ‘flavanols’. Flavanols have been shown to slow or reverse the drop in cognitive performance that often accompanies aging. It so happens that cocoa is a rich source of flavanols.

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