Has multitasking become new norm holding women back?

Has multitasking become new norm holding women back? thumbnail

Last week Hillary Clinton’s granddaughter Charlotte started kindergarten. The Daily Mail published photos of Charlotte’s dad Marc Mezvinsky and her nanny walking the toddler to kinder.

At the core of the multitasking ideal is the belief that women must continue to be the primary carers for children and do everything else. Photo: Stocksy

“It takes a village,” says the headline.

No, actually it took a dad and a nanny. Which, given that we live in a world were both parents usually work, is pretty good, actually.

But this was not a story about how great it is to see a dad stepping up to take his child to school. It wasn’t even a snide little piece questioning, “Why the nanny? Can’t a father push a pram without female assistance?”

Oh no, this was all about mother-shaming Chelsea Clinton for being absent.


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